TurboSight® – A real-time sales reporting and data warehousing technology.

TurboSight® is supply chain management business intelligence. With TurboSight, companies integrate business systems, internal and external, to provide manufacturers and their distribution partners with the critical sales reporting and data warehousing capabilities they need to remain competitive in dynamic markets.

There’s a difference between real-time data and right-time information, and DST understands the distinction. TurboSight makes it easier for business managers to create the executive scoreboards they need to make strategic decisions and course corrections for their enterprises.

DST will design and deliver the perfect business intelligence tools for your organization. That’s because they are built on a foundation of our experience working with Ford, General Motors and IBM, and thousands of customers in the automotive and heavy duty aftermarkets, as well as other industries that rely on intelligently managing their supply chains.  When necessary, we form strategic partnerships with other industry leaders to make our solutions even more robust.

Whether you need data extraction tools, data warehouse design and development, or powerful front-end analytic tools, DST is the right choice for your business intelligence initiative. Our continual QA processes ensure that we will deliver state-of-the-art solutions that deliver what you determine is critical for your business.

Most organizations consist of many types of legacy business systems, and they are hesitant to adopt technologies that force them to change parts of their business that may be operating at acceptable levels. A key advantage to working with DST is our ability to integrate our solutions with multiple distribution management systems (DMS), allowing you the flexibility to manage your IT infrastructure without being forced to invest in additional technology and hardware – in fact, we have successfully collected data from hundreds of different systems. Our proficiency with third party DMS integrations, and core competencies developed through our strategic partnerships, elevate DST above any other business intelligence company.

DST has been an industry leader for 25 years, and our technological foundation and experience allows us to deliver a lower total cost of ownership solution than you might expect. This is particularly important due to the custom development we will provide in order to accommodate the complexities of your unique organization. Our ability to deliver solutions faster and more efficiently could save you significant time and money – compare that IT implementations from other companies you may have worked with, which inevitably run over-budget and take longer than promised.

Contact us today to learn more about TurboSight, and how DST can help you deliver the right business intelligence tools to your organization.