TurboPrise – A robust distribution management system to improve supply chain efficiency.

TurboPrise® is the aftermarket’s most robust supply chain management solution. TurboPrise serves as the electronic link between geographically-dispersed locations and regional and/or master corporate sites to enhance efficiency and productivity up and down a company’s supply chain.

TurboPrise helps you turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage, synchronizing it at every tier by enabling all users to view real-time information simultaneously. In closing the gap between planning and execution, TurboPrise enhances your bottom line by delivering true time and cost savings

TurboPrise Order Entry
TurboPrise order entry has many advanced features not found in your current system. The IBM DB2 database makes it quick and easy to find customers by name, account number, phone, or other information. The module has many methods to find parts including search by partial part number information. Entering line code information or part number separators is not necessary to find a part in the system. The interchanges, alternate parts, super sessions, kits and other required parts data allow new employees to become productive quickly. Bottom line: Never lose sales. Give your order entry staff the best tool you possibly can. Handle each call as quickly and efficiently as possible — with no callbacks.

TurboPrise Inventory Management
You have the requirement to consider a large number of items with the minimum inventory investment — in an efficient manner. You also require the ability to manage inventory and cores across multiple branches, route trucks and warehouses. The inventory position of these multiple types of locations can be used to determine the overall “Group” requirements of the business so that overstock can be reassigned before making external purchases from vendors. We will help you base your inventory stocking levels on your inventory turns objectives and the average weekly usage of a part. Seasonality, overstocks, and large unusual purchases are considered in the replenishment process. The system keeps track of all the details of sales, lost sales, returns, warranties, and other replenishing information and presents that data in a way that your purchasing team can perform what-if scenarios before finalizing stock orders.

Current TurboPrise customers tell us that the replenishment process is automated in a way that saves them time and money. They report a decreased investment in inventory with the same or greater service levels. The advanced features of the TurboPrise inventory management and replenishment module will result in a better return on investment. And best of all, your purchasing staff has the tools to understand why an item was recommended for reorder. The purchasing remains under their control.

TurboPrise Accounts Receivable, Credit Control, and Accounts Payable
The advanced features of the TurboPrise Accounts Receivable module can increase the effectiveness of your credit and collections activity, thus improving cash flow. The follow-up and note tracking capabilities will ensure full control of the credit and collections function. Credit balances are available on-screen to counter and phone order entry employees. Available credit balances are updated on a real-time basis as parts are added to an order, sales are finalized and payments are posted. The credit department may set-up “credit hold/COD” and “hold and notify” codes. These instructions can appear on the order entry screen. Therefore, the person entering orders is aware of the account status of each customer, and the Credit Department is automatically notified electronically if there is a problem with the customer’s account before the fulfillment of any additional orders.

TurboPrise General Ledger
Because both TurboPrise Accounts Receivable and the Accounts Payable are integrated with the TurboPrise General Ledger module, most accounting transactions are handled automatically. By integrating the Parts module and optional Heavy Duty Service module directly to the General Ledger, all inventory movements are recorded automatically into your General Ledger Inventory Account(s) to provide on-demand visibility of the value of perhaps your largest business asset. Within the journals, you may drill down to the individual transaction level looking for profit leaks and opportunities. This is accomplished on-screen reducing the need to print massive paper reports to answer small questions. The General Ledger Report Writer lets you write your own financial reports including parameters such as square footage so that you can report on profitability per square foot. Your General Ledger will become a valuable management tool without the need to print reams of paper.

TurboPrise Warehouse Management System (WMS)
A full function wireless based warehouse management system, designed and written specifically for TurboPrise, is available to manage the part number from the point of entry into your facility until its sale or return to the vendor. The objective of WMS is to manage the key assets within the warehouse; the inventory, employees and storage space. While many systems function as a stand-alone application (often on a separate processor) independent of the inventory system, TurboPrise WMS achieves this objective as a fully integrated application. This is critical in the time-driven aftermarket environment of providing hot-shot delivery to the service dealer.  Delays while orders are communicated from one system to another for picking can have a major impact on customer service levels and result in lost sales. Sales are further supported by the ability to receive “on the dock” and make that inventory immediately available for sale. Cross docking of previously ordered items gets parts to the customer faster as does the concept of “pick based warehousing” where your most commonly sold inventory can be shelved closest to the shipping area. Greater efficiencies in your use of warehouse staff through directed picking and routed putaway of parts can result in reduced overhead while providing almost perfect accuracy of customer sales orders. Greater accuracy equals less returns equals happier customers.

Business Intelligence
It is important in the business environment that your daily transactions are updating your modern, relational database in real time and that information is readily available to you. You can see your data and make decisions now about what is happening now. In addition, the Business Intelligence reporting lets you track down any exceptions quickly and easily. Your data is under your control.

In addition to many standard reports and the ability to generate on-line or paper-based reports from consistent and up-to-the-minute data, a true relational database can support more advanced capabilities to identify, isolate, track, and manage your business.  Long term, using the TurboPrise database of, you can have access to all operational data utilizing the Business Intelligence module. This new technology supports a number of pre-programmed analytical and “drill down” views of your data, but unique among systems available to the aftermarket, the software provides the capability, using a simple “point and click” interface, to browse your data and generate access to information that is specifically important to your unique requirements.

TurboPrise offers a complete Business Intelligence product that integrates a robust distribution platform with a powerful e-Commerce engine.  Every level of the distribution channel, distributors, jobbers and shops, will benefit from this advanced solution, improving efficiency and profitability.

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