TurboShop® – Technology to help repair shops achieve higher average repair jobs.

TurboShop® is an advanced, fully integrated shop management system that utilizes a rich array of applications including web and mobile access for consumers, e-Commerce, and a comprehensive corporate control system for multi-location operations.

Used by hundreds of shops across the country, TurboShop is simple to use and improves productivity at the shop level. With integrated inventory management, accounts receivable, system administration and reporting, the system is designed to meet the requirements of both large and small businesses.

The TurboShop provides repair shops, service centers and tire stores with the ability to:
• Instantly quote customers their total cost, including parts, services (such as tire mounting & balancing), taxes, protection packages, etc. at multiple pricing levels
• Verify vehicle models and engines with VIN code numbers
• Check stock and order online from Big O, ATD, TCI, NAPA, CARQUEST, O’Reilly’s, AutoZone, and others directly from open repair orders
• Look up new customers by phone number
• Start repair orders in the shop or even in your parking lot with a portable VIN code scanner
• Create service packages that automatically look up both the required parts and labor
• Add factory suggested maintenance based on vehicle mileage directly to an estimate with the click of your mouse
• Quickly and easily produce and save customer quotes for tires and service, even while you are working on an open repair order
• Access complete customer history including declined items
• Look up tires by size or by vehicle including factory features and benefits
• Choose from a complete selection of sales, inventory and productivity reports and controls

In addition, TurboShop includes support for:
• Handheld scanners for VIN identification and/or parts receiving and inventory
• Electronic signature pads
• Integrated credit card processing
• e-Commerce connections for websites, customer appointments and marketing follow up
• Integrated accounting to Great Plains and QuickBooks applications

TurboShop has integrated many features into the base application that allows all users in the enterprise to view everything from quantity on hand in each location to customer vehicle history, outside purchases, customer accounts receivable information, etc.

Whether your operation is a single store or multi-store operation, franchise, or corporate business model, TurboShop will provide the operational functionality you need in today’s competitive business environment.

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