The Four Pillars of The DST e-Business Suite

The four pillars of our e-Business suite, TurboParts®, TurboPrise®, TurboSight® and TurboShop® technologies, have earned us a reputation for developing bolt-on solutions that integrate with disparate back-end systems, providing clients with the kind of flexibility they need to efficiently manage their businesses.

TurboParts® is quickly becoming the preferred e-Commerce gateway for customer-centric global aftermarket organizations. A best-in-class Internet-based parts ordering and fulfillment system, TurboParts allows OEMS, retailers and distributors to connect with their customers 24/7. TurboParts integrates with the Epicor® (formerly Activant®), PartExpert® and Cover-to-Cover™ e-catalogs, and can quickly be customized and private-labeled to make it a seamless part of a customer’s e-Business suite.

TurboPrise® is the aftermarket’s most robust supply chain management solution. TurboPrise serves as the electronic link between geographically-dispersed locations and regional and/or master corporate sites to enhance efficiency and productivity up and down a company’s supply chain. TurboPrise helps customers turn their supply chains into competitive advantages, synchronizing them at every tier by enabling all users to view real-time information simultaneously. In closing the gap between planning and execution, TurboPrise enhances the bottom line by delivering true time and cost savings.

TurboSight® is business intelligence. With TurboSight, companies integrate business systems, internal and external, to provide manufacturers and their distribution partners with the critical sales reporting and data warehousing capabilities they need to remain competitive in dynamic markets. There’s a difference between real-time data and right-time information, and fortunately for the aftermarket, DST understands the difference. TurboSight makes it easier for business managers to create the executive scoreboards they need to make strategic decisions and business course corrections for their enterprises.

TurboShop® helps owners and managers of tire and repair shop operations of all sizes complete more work in the same amount of time and achieve higher average repair order amounts, which in turn reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction. TurboShop’s “Home Office” control makes each location visible in real time so operations can be monitored and adjusted while they are occurring, rather than after the fact, giving individual locations the information they need to run operations independently. However, data is stored centrally, allowing visibility across the entire enterprise even when a real time internet connection is unavailable – a unique functionality that allows TurboShop to be scaled to any sized operation. Using the software’s intuitive interface, and by utilizing industry standard electronic catalogs, shops can order parts directly from almost any supplier. They can also check the status of open work orders and estimates, track employee assignments on open jobs, review a customer’s repair history and easily suggest and quote factory maintenance services. All of this can also be accessed by a customer’s PC, allowing them to schedule appointments on-line.