TurboParts® – The leading aftermarket e-Commerce gateway for improved efficiency and profitability.

 TurboParts® is the preferred e-Commerce gateway for global organizations that understand that e-Commerce is no longer just an ordering tool. True e-Commerce involves providing users with the content they need to make intelligent purchasing decisions, and allowing them to connect with your company at their convenience.

Your company needs every edge you can find. The TurboParts e-Commerce engine will transform order entry and fulfillment from an operational function into a strategic business advantage – helping every part of your balance sheet. TurboParts will allow you to increase sales and expand your customer base by making your company “open for business” 24/7/365. It accomplishes this without adding to your payroll, or forcing you to consider making a complete distribution management system change in order to utilize the power of a best-in-class e-Commerce engine.

DST makes it easy for you to use TurboParts for your e-Commerce initiative. TurboParts is a bolt-on solution that can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs, and that integrates with current, legacy and future business systems – there is no need to alter other parts of your IT infrastructure to accommodate a stronger e-Commerce engine. Furthermore, our strategic partnership with IBM will bring the power of the IBM i-Series to support your e-Commerce initiative – regardless of the size of your organization.

TurboParts uses the Epicor (formerly Activant) electronic catalog, the best-in-class supplier of electronic data for product descriptions, images, specs and service bulletins. In addition, the system provides for a seamless interface with your own customized catalogs, allowing you to make TurboParts your complete e-Commerce engine.

With TurboParts, scalability is a standard, with custom pricing models to allow businesses to budget intelligently. Moreover, your customers don’t need to install additional software to interact with your TurboParts site – all they need is a browser connection. And the more your customers use TurboParts, the more you will receive the bottom line benefits of an e-Commerce solution that seamlessly integrates with the rest of your business.

TurboParts provides “right time information” through easy-to-use, advanced sales data analytics to help you improve inventory management. The system’s drill-down capabilities provide extraordinarily timely information you can use to run your business more efficiently – including lost sales data and information on customer order patterns by day of week and time of day.

You can maximize sales opportunities by offering Internet specials tied to real-time inventory.  This functionality is built into TurboParts, which means you can customize TurboParts without relying on third-parties to create these offers. Due to its open architecture, the system can accommodate content from a variety of third party solutions – those you may already have invested in or that you may be considering.

In addition, TurboParts interfaces with multiple shop management solutions, such as Mitchell One, R.O. Writer and others, enabling your customers to order parts directly from a work order. This further enhances shop efficiency and profitability.

A key functionality of TurboParts is the Rear View Mirror, which allows you to place links behind photos on your TurboParts pages. Even your best sales people may only be able to talk with a limited number of customers in a day and inform them of upcoming promotions and changes at your company. TurboParts provides your customers with access to external catalogs, vendor websites, .pdf documents and promotional literature 24/7 at the click of a button. This allows your customers to get the information they want when it is most convenient for them, generating the positive online interactions that result in improved customer service levels.

TurboParts allows you to quickly and easily customize your online customer interface. You can change your landing page to make a company announcement, direct visitors to a catalog, or feature different product groups. Furthermore, you have strong analytical tools that will allow you to capture and analyze visitor behavior – including instances where you are losing sales because of a non-stocking situation, or even which promotions are being viewed most frequently. This will help make your sales and marketing programs more responsive to customer needs and interests.

More and more companies are using TurboParts as the centerpiece of an efficiency-driven, productivity-driven, and revenue generation-driven e-Commerce engine. Call us today and learn more about the many ways that TurboParts will help your bottom line.