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Distribution Service Technologies (DST), headquartered in Lake Forest, CA, is a privately-held developer of e-Business software solutions for companies in the automotive and heavy duty parts distribution and repair industries. The company offers clients with a wide range of technologies that drive efficiency by increasing and improving connectivity with customers and suppliers. DST has earned a reputation for developing robust solutions that easily integrate with disparate back-end systems, providing clients with the kind of flexibility they need to efficiently manage their businesses.

According to Stan Gowisnock, who joined DST in 2009 as president and chief executive officer, one of the company’s key competitive advantages is its customer-centric focus.

“When we talk with business managers about IT implementations, they invariably tell us that things took longer and cost more than they expected,” Gowisnock explains. “Add to this the ‘domino effect’ of direct costs for additional equipment that had to be purchased due to software specifications, and the indirect costs if employees push back against any process changes that the new software required, and it is easy to see why ROI and technology are so often mutually exclusive.

“DST is different,” Gowisnock continues. “Unlike competitive solutions, we are not a data provider with a vested interest in steering companies in a direction that works best for us. Instead, we work closely with our customers to customize technology solutions that meet their unique needs. DST rejects the software industry’s tendency to try and force companies to change how they do business in order to accommodate technology – and I’m pleased that the market is responding favorably to our philosophy.”

DST offers a range of eBusiness solutions that help companies manage supply chains more efficiently, reducing operating costs and improving profitability.  E-Business solutions represent approximately 54% of DST revenue, based on 2009 results.

The cornerstone of DST’s e-Business strategy is TurboParts®, the industry’s easiest-to-use e-Business tool. TurboParts provides automotive and heavy duty repair facilities with access to the maintenance data they need to service all vehicle makes and models. In addition, service writers can use TurboParts to perform stock checks and catalog look-ups, as well as seamlessly order parts from approved sources at contracted pricing.

“TurboParts is quickly becoming the industry standard,” Gowisnock says. “In fact, Ford Motor Company recently named DST as its exclusive partner to provide a private-labeled product to Ford Authorized Distributors and Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centers®. The Motorcraft-branded technology is built on the TurboParts engine, and features proprietary content and functionality. Similarly, we continue to expand our relationship with AC Delco, providing them with their own proprietary E-Commerce engine to improve efficiency and profitability within their aftermarket network.”

Recently, AutoZone, America’s leading retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories, announced a technology partnership with DST to provide AutoZone commercial customers with the best possible electronic ordering solution.  AutoZone’s custom version of TurboParts will enable nearly any connected local, regional or national repair business, fleet operation or public sector customer to significantly reduce the time required to identify, locate, order and receive repair parts from AutoZone.

DST also helps customers manage additional parts of their businesses though its TurboShop™ (enterprise shop management), TurboPrise™ (distribution management) and TurboSight™ (business intelligence) solutions.

Companies generate a mountain of data when they do business online –internal internal (purchasing, financial and warehouse management, etc.) and external (vendors, distribution channel partners and customers) – but raw data is practically useless. Companies must be able to access, analyze and use their data in order to make informed decisions. These innovative DST technologies extract, validate, report and warehouse data originating from disparate internal and external systems, increasing transparency by providing timely, actionable information and reports on trends and metrics to managers and analysts across a company’s supply chain.

“Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a significant initiative for any company, with substantial risks, and direct and indirect costs,” Gowisnock notes. “ERP technologies touch virtually every part of a company’s operations, and companies are justifiably hesitant to go through that process twice. Although we are not an ERP solution provider, our ability to integrate with a wide range of ERP technologies allows our customers to work with DST to get the most out of their current systems – a critical competitive advantage in our markets.”

DST created internet-based automotive and heavy duty aftermarket parts ordering, and the company continues to maintain a leadership position in all of its markets. Highlights of this heritage include:

  • 1999 – Developed aftermarket’s first internet-based parts ordering application
  • 2001 –  Named an IBM™ Advanced Business Partner
  • 2002 – Selected by Heavy Duty America (HDA) as ERP system for truck parts distributor membership
  • 2003 – Selected by the Ford Motor Company for collection and management of  sales reporting information (Data Analytics) from Ford Authorized Distributors
  • 2005 – Selected by Big O Tires as endorsed franchisee system for TurboShop® throughout their retail network
  • 2009 – Selected by Ford Motor Company as exclusive developer and supplier of e-Commerce application “eCounter” for Ford Authorized Distributors
  • 2009 – Selected by Ford Motor Company as exclusive developer and supplier of e-Commerce application “eCounter” for hundreds of Quicklane facilities
  • 2010 – Selected by ACDelco to build, maintain and distribute North American “Aftermarket OE Electronic Catalog”
  • 2010 – Selected by AutoZone as technology partner for e-Commerce solution for commercial, fleet and public sector customers

DST is committed to maintaining its customer-centric, technology-neutral approach.

“Unlike some of our competitors, DST did not start as a cataloging or data management company that now offers e-Commerce technologies, nor did we begin as a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) supplier that automated some of its processes,” Gowisnock explains. “We are a software company with a deep knowledge of both the automotive and heavy duty parts distribution industries.

“Our founders believed from the beginning that technology must support a business, not dictate to it. Customizing our advanced solutions to meet the unique needs of individual clients is in our corporate DNA, and will always be the primary focus of everyone who works for DST.”

Corporate Fact Sheet

Legal name:  Distribution Service Technologies Inc.
Year incorporated: 1987
Headquarters:  Lake Forest, California
Annual sales:  Not disclosed – Privately Held
Number of Employees: 49

Management Team:

Stan Gowisnock, President and Chief Executive Officer
Steve Ricketts, Vice President of Operations
Floyd Beadle, Vice President of e-Business Solutions
John Sidlauskas, Vice President of Sales
Kyle Johnson, Vice President of Strategic Accounts
Gary August, Vice President of Customer Service
Sandy Taylor-Davey, Director of IT & Integration
Sales Breakdown:

ERP Systems and Support:  46% of sales, based on 2009 results
E-Business:  54% of sales, based on 2009 results

Automotive parts distribution
Heavy duty parts distribution