Data Warehousing

Your supply chain generates a mountain of data. The challenge is transforming that data into actionable, real-time business intelligence, and using it to strategically manage your supply chain and your business.

DST custom solutions help supply chain managers and analysts monitor and analyze inventory trends, track vendor performance, analyze distribution network efficiency, and respond more quickly and accurately to market feedback. Streamlining supply chain system reporting, enhancing distribution and inventory methodologies, and improving communication with supply chain and vendor information.

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IT Facilities Management

Most companies have extremely complicated IT footprints. Multiple systems managing different parts of the business, from financial and operations, to sales and customer service. Even large IT departments might not have enough time to do anything more than troubleshoot problems all day long in these disparate systems.

DST can develop a strategic management system, customized to your business and its IT footprint. We will help remove IT system silos, leveraging data and removing hidden inefficiencies.

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Private Labeled e-Commerce

For more and more companies, e-Commerce has become more than an efficiency initiative. It is a strategic business advantage that allows companies to forge stronger and more lasting connections with their customers.

DST will develop a robust e-Commerce solution that meets your unique challenges and integrates with your existing ERP system to seamlessly extend the reach of your enterprise beyond “brick and mortar” and “regular” business hours. Linking your enterprise 24/7 with global customers, trading partners and suppliers.

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